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R&D and IT Consultancy

IT consultants undertake strategic or operational missions, but they also help a client in implementation; they help develop or roll out a prototype or software to respond to a specific need.

“One of the last things I worked on was for a big manufacturer who wanted to create their 5-year road map about artificial intelligence. In a case like this, we’re going to help them decide what to invest in, what technologies and architecture to set up, what kind of people to hire, and so on.”

To carry out a project successfully, an IT consultant goes through several steps. They will begin by conducting interviews with certain employees within the client company, with the aim of collecting information and data. The second step consists of analyzing the collected data. Next, the IT consultant will discuss each subject with their in-house experts, and with the client, too, to formulate recommendations and action plans. Lastly, the IT consultant will hand over the results of their analyses and propose appropriate solutions.

  • must be very analytical, while also being creative: Analytical because they must scrutinize a vast amount of information. Using this information, they must be creative in order to find the best solutions to their client’s problems.
  • must also be flexible. An IT consultant changes clients, sectors and often the problems they are working on. So they must be able to adapt quickly.


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